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Free Consultation

blue_5 stepsThe Invisalign process. You are only a few visits away from getting the straighter teeth, and healthy, beautiful smile you want and deserve. Call an ORA Dental Studio location near you to schedule a free consultation to see if Invisalign is the right orthodontic and aesthetic option for you.

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[title_small title=”Initial consultation” /]

The Invisalign consultation visit lasts 40 minutes and includes the following:

1 Discussion of your aesthetic and orthodontic treatment goals

2 Examination of your smile, teeth, and bite

3 Overview of the Invisalign and AcceleDent systems

4 Review of similar Invisalign cases, before and after pictures

5 Presentation of treatment fees, insurance benefits if applicable, and financing options


[title_small title=”Invisalign records” /]

Should you decide at the consultation that you would like to start Invisalign treatment that same day, we will require an additional 20 minutes of your time for the following procedures:

6 Impressions of your upper and lower teeth, bite registration

7 Digital photos of your smile, teeth, and bite

8 Panoramic/cephalometric x-ray


[title_small title=”Start of treatment” /]

Your Invisalign aligners should arrive at your designated ORA Dental Studio office 4 to 5 weeks after your Invisalign records were taken and processed. Once they arrive at our office we will immediately contact you to deliver your first treatment appointment:

9 Delivery of 1st sets of Invisalign aligners, review instructions

10 Delivery of the AcceleDent system, if accelerated treatment was chosen

11 Review of your personalized 3D treatment stages and the final results

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